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One of the things I have heard repeatedly during the course of this campaign is that portions of the Ward are fractured. A lack of unifying leadership has pitted one neighborhood against another, mostly over issues of development. People’s voices are not being heard.


As Alderman, I look forward to uniting the residents of the 43rd Ward.


  • I will be a full-time Alderman, focused on what’s best for the residents of the Ward
  • I will be an accessible Alderman, hosting weekly Ward Nights where residents can meet with me to discuss any issue of importance to them
  • I will find common ground among residents and outside interests who do business in the Ward.
  • I will listen to the concerns of residents.
  • I will offer ideas on how we can make our Ward and our City a better place in which to live, work and play .
  • I will strive to rally residents around projects and initiatives that will move our Ward forward in a fully transparent way.


From the Gold Coast to Old Town to Lincoln Park - We are One 43rd Ward. We are stronger when we are united.


It’s time to bring the Ward together.



Endorsed by:

Cook County Clerk David Orr

Former 43rd Ward Aldermen: Bill Singer and

Edwin Eisendrath

Independent Voters of Illinois

Independent Precinct Organization


Paid for by Caroline for 43 Campaign Committee