Why You Should Vote For Caroline


Caroline envisions a sustainable community that prioritizes residents’ safety, preserves open space and promotes new -- and small -- business development for a vibrant local economy.


As a native Chicagoan who has lived in Lincoln Park for over 22 years and raised her children here, she is familiar with all aspects of life here and know what works.




We are fortunate to have excellent public schools in our community. However, we have not adequately addressed the changing demographics of our ward in a way that makes the most sense for the future of all of our schools. With the right leadership, we can make all five of our public elementary schools equally as sought after, giving families the highest-quality education options close to where they live. We can also invest wisely to support and embrace the positive trends at Lincoln Park High School, our high-performing neighborhood high school, which serves such a diverse range of academic abilities and talents from across our ward and the city.




A long tradition of quality community engagement on important  local developments ended when the current alderman took office. Community input around major new developments and redevelopments lacked meaningful involvement of the communities most affected by the projects, and sometimes completely bypassed any public vetting. I pledge to streamline the process for important community development decisions by including relevant organizations as conduits of community opinion and as valued participants in the negotiation process.  Acknowledging the concerns of the community in a respectful and efficient manner is missing under the current leadership and is critical to good governance.




Vacant storefronts and a growth of big box stores in the ward signal that local businesses are losing ground. But other neighborhoods in the city tell us otherwise. Small businesses are the lifeblood of a local economy. As Alderman, I will use all the tools available to me to foster creativity and excitement and bring new business ideas to the ward, connect small business tenants to available retail space and a small business center that focuses on building up local entrepreneurs to succeed right here in Lincoln Park.




While there are significant crime issues throughout Chicago, property crime is by far the most statistically prominent -- in the city and in the 43rd Ward. That is why I support overall increases in the police force, so all communities receive equal policing based on residential density, as well more focus on gun related crime as opposed to drug related crime.




Despite some recent setbacks, the future of the 43rd Ward is very bright.  I will preserve Lincoln Park’s precious open space for the enjoyment of future generations. My vision for a sustainable community includes LEED certified buildings, permeable surfaces to reduce flooding and managing residential and commercial density for a livable community of neighbors. I will advocate for increased bike lanes that promote safety for bikers and pedestrians, allowing cars, bikes and walkers to work, shop, dine and play safely and enjoyably while reducing our carbon footprint.


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